Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A.1 The back of the "One Tree" postcard. The legend reads "One Tree (Detail). A mail art project using the veneer of one oak tree. 82 participants from 28 countries. A.1 Waste Paper Co. Ltd. 2001. (Left to Right): Buz Blurr, Art Naphro, Rael Mail, Tim Drage, Shopping Trolley Gallery, Guido Vermeulen, P.L.G., and Lothar Trott." Posted by Picasa


Blogger pati b said...

The Shopping Trolley Gallery in your posting is in reality Martha Aitchison of Beckinham, London, England. She started the idea with her Shopping Trolley Gallery- UK, and I have 'twinned' with her with my Shopping Trolley Gallery-West. We two met in London a year and half ago and correspond regularly. See the postings of mailart on my web page at www.livejournal.com/users/pati_bristow/
The shopping trolleys, are just that, shopping carts that are fitted with pockets to carry mailart for public display ... fun.!!

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