Monday, July 18, 2005

The Independence Day Exhibit...

As promised I have finally uploaded some photos from the first ever M.A.R.S. Project outdoor exhibition which took place in Longview, WA. People come from miles around to see the fireworks display at Lake Sacajawea on the Fourth every year, and because I only live one block from the lake I took advantage of the heavy foot (and car) traffic and set up the display right in my front yard.

We had a large banner that could be read from passing cars, handouts with information on The M.A.R.S. Project and on Mail-Art in general, and little MARS cards with the website address on it, and we spread the love around both here at our display and by taking some of the materials up to the lake and handing them out there.

All in all I would say the event was a success. Everyone involved had fun and the artwork had a large viewing audience (AND even though I had relatives running all over the place and blowing up fireworks, nobody got hurt!!! Hurray!!!)

The next exhibition will be in Coos Bay, Oregon the last weekend of July. I'll post more specific times and the exact address before the event! Thanks all!!!

Grandma Lucy and Grandpa Bob presiding over the exhibit from the comfy rocking chairs on the porch. The M.A.R.S. banner (with the exception of the word "Project") was easily readable from across the street! Posted by Picasa

The main display board (with Ellie peaking in at the side...) Posted by Picasa

The table display Posted by Picasa

The lower portions of the display... Posted by Picasa

Ellie watches the camera... waiting for a chance to STRIKE!!! Posted by Picasa

Frankie, the main display, and Ellie... Posted by Picasa

My older daughter Frankie handed out TONS of flyers to passers-by. She was like a wild animal, chasing down anyone who walked close to the house! Posted by Picasa

The BOSS (Mariah) reading some of the handouts I printed up for the exhibit.  Posted by Picasa

Me, guarding the display with a glass of Carmel Temptation in my hand and wearing my Dead Vampires t-shirt... (If you haven't heard the Dead Vamps, they are a fun band from Seattle, Washington who wear cool skeleton and devil (and bunny) costumes. Something like The Ramones meets The Munsters for tea with the Mad Hatter... Not that this has anything to do with Mail-Art. I just like to plug a good indy band when I can...) Posted by Picasa

Me, still guarding the display with help from Ellie. Posted by Picasa

Finally caught back up...

As of this moment, I have finally caught back up and scanned and uploaded all of the contributions that I have so far received. Whew!!! Thanks for keeping me so busy, everyone!!!

Christian Mildbrandt: Part 1... Cold painted card from Germany. In small letters on the bottom-left it says: "Baba with a red hat." Posted by Picasa

Christian Mildbrandt: Part 2... The other side... Posted by Picasa

Laura Barletta: Part 1... A NEW postcard from one of the M.A.R.S. Project's favorite creators! Posted by Picasa

Laura Barletta: Part 2... Another fantastic creation... Posted by Picasa

Pati Bristow: Part 1... The California sun must have inspired this wild and colorful stampy card! Posted by Picasa

Pati Bristow: Part 2... The little stamped bit in the bottom left hand corner reads: "Through the ages every generation has asked, What is art? Well... THIS IS ART! Now that enlightenment has come upon you, go forth and create." I love that. It's almost punk in it's generative power. (This is a chord, this is a chord, this is a chord; now go start a band!) Posted by Picasa

Suzlee Ibrahim: Part 1... From Mr. Suzlee @ the MARA University of Technology in MALAYSIA comes a duo of finely crafted postcards. This offering is entitled: "MYTHS vs ALIEN i." Posted by Picasa

Suzlee Ibrahim: Part 2... The other side of "MvAi." Posted by Picasa

Suzlee Ibrahim: Part 3... "MYTHS vs ALIEN ii" Posted by Picasa

Suzlee Ibrahim: Part 4... The back... Posted by Picasa

Marie Anakee: Part 1... A whimsical little painting with the legend "Magda and Mam" on the back. Posted by Picasa

Marie Anakee: Part 2... The other side... Posted by Picasa

Carmen Kofoed: Part 1... This was another package that I barely had the heart to open for fear of damaging the collage... Again, I'm glad I had the guts because the collage inside was wonderful! Posted by Picasa

Carmen Kofoed: Part 2... The other side... Posted by Picasa

Carmen Kofoed: Part 3... Entitled "Area 51." Deleriously wonderful! Posted by Picasa