Thursday, May 26, 2005

Tamara Wyndham of New York City, USA writes:

HI Rick,

It's great for artists to find alternative routes to show their art. You will have to go to a lawyer or your local govt. to find out about local laws. Sometimes they want to you pay for a permit. But sometimes breaking the law to show your art can
be part of the fun. You have to find out your specific situation and consider what you really want to say with this.

There's been a couple of groups of artists here (New York City) who have had "mobile art shows" in trucks or vans. They find a legal place to park the van and invite the public to look at the art. I went to one, they had a truck that was painted white inside, with art on the walls just like a "real" gallery. They had a fundraiser at a bar for gas money.

Ray Johnson once showed a bunch of his "moticos" on the sidewalk, the photos look great.

An artspace here, ABC No Rio first got started when a group of artists took over an abandoned building for an art show called "real estate" The police closed down the show and destroyed some of the art, but Joseph Beuys was in town and spoke to the media in favor of the artists. That gave the artists some leverage to negotiate with the city and they were given their own abandoned building to renovate.... that was like 20 years ago, and ABC No Rio is still active and still community based.

Let us know what you do! Good luck!!

- Tamara Wyndham


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